Honduras Day Two

Day 1:

On our first clinic day in Honduras, we visited the village of Siete de Mayo to set up a health clinic for the people there. We started the day at the Overholt’s for breakfast, then we packed up the bus and went to the village. The driving is definitely something to get used to! At the clinic, we had pharmacy, women’s health, comprehensive care, and education rooms and the nursing students from the IETI were working with us. It was really great to work with other nursing students and learn from each other. Some of them were also really beneficial in translating between our group and the patients. After the last patient had been seen, we packed up the bus again and headed back to the Overholt’s to unload. We came back to the hotel and had some free time to get smoothies, coffee, and go to a grocery store. We went back to the Overholt’s for dinner and afterwards Angie gave us a tour of their school. They are doing some construction and have a beautiful facility for their students. I learned so much today. I performed my first lice treatment, learned new techniques from the nursing students and the practicing members from my group, and realized that I remembered more Spanish than I had thought before this trip. Day One was a fantastic start to this trip and I can’t wait to experience the rest.