Day 8!

AND.. we are off again! Woke up bright and early at 6:00 AM to head to Tegucigalpas from Choluteca! We will miss all the clinics, laying poolside, and the delicious smoothies that were within walking distance to the hotel!

Driving in Honduras is very bumpy and exciting and our first stop on the way to Tegucigalpas is to the zoo for breakfast and to see the animals! We enjoyed some delicious breakfast and made some new friends!

It is always an adventure out here, but once again we are off to see our new place for the night!

All parked and getting our new room assignments! After a quick 30 minutes of settling into the new place we are headed out to the marketplace for a wonderful lunch of papusas and after we shop till we drop! While at lunch we made some new friends who loved papusas just as much as we did!

After eating we ventured out to all the local shops and got to experience the culture around us! One of my favorite places we saw was in the backyard of one of the shops! It was a beautiful spot that had tons of paintings made by local shop owners!

Lots of shops later we were all exhausted and headed back to the house to relax! So here we are on day 8 with tons of amazing memories and one last night to make the most of the trip and reminisce with all my new amazing friends about what a wonderful time we have had! We came here to change the lives of those around us, but tomorrow we will leave having changed ourselves from the adventure we have experienced!