Day 3

Hello from Honduras! Today we were able to spend most of the day with the 11th and 12th grade nursing students at Angie and Larry’s nursing school here in Choluteca. We taught CPR first, and the students were wonderful! They were so eager to learn and keep practicing. After CPR, Kristina and Amy taught prenatal care and then we split up to teach suturing and injection medication administration. The students did so well with suturing— they responded very well to my hand motions and one word instructions for how they could improve (because I didn’t know how to say it in Spanish). It has been fun trying to practice my Spanish. I can say a lot more now, but my listening skills are still VERY rough. I’d be completely lost without our amazing interpreters and Spanish-speaking students!

Lauren and my CPR group— they were so much fun! They had us laughing the whole time

When we were done teaching, we went to a market in Choluteca to do a little shopping, followed by drinking smoothies and iced coffee by the pool (of course!) Everyone who has been on this trip previously was majorly talking up the smoothies before we left, and I didn’t think they could possibly live up to the hype… but they exceeded it! BEST. SMOOTHIES. EVER. We headed back to Angie and Larry’s house for dinner (coca-cola chicken, rice, beans, & fruit). The food here has been AMAZING!

After dinner, a bunch of us went down to the pool to hang out and play games. We are so blessed to have an amazing team of students and faculty! I have loved getting to know everyone and seeing how quickly we have all bonded in just a few short days. We are so excited for what the rest of the week has in store for us. Stay tuned!