We have been home for 6 days.  It has taken me this long to process and reflect on the 2019 Honduras study abroad.  How does one describe this experience?  How can I possibly explain how wonderful this group of students were?  How supportive and knowledgeable the faculty/preceptors were? How can I tell you about the impact this team had on the future of nursing in Honduras?  How can I tell you how proud I am of this team? How can I express my appreciation to the OSU CON for supporting this opportunity?  How can I tell you how amazing Larry and Angie Overholt are?  I am unable to put it in words so I want to show you in pictures…. Enjoy this brief slideshow. It is only 1/6 of the photos I have (limited only by the MB upload limit on this site). I may have to post a couple more.

Our team was diverse in education level, specialty and backgrounds and somehow managed to effortlessly work together.

Our team included a CNM, FNP, PNP, RN, Pharmacist, Pharmacy student, Spanish major, RN students, DNP, ANP, PNP, FNP and WH students.  We traveled with over 1000lbs of medical supplies for 10 days.  We educated 44 nursing high school students (10th-12th grade) & auto mechanic students.  We saw patients at 4 clinical sites/villages, 2 hospitals touching over 300 patients with 4 interpreters.  We lugged 15 posters and 36 suitcases.  We had stayed at the hotel Rivera in Choluteca with an overnight at the WGM guest house in Tegucigalpa.  We made a visit to a foster home, donating toys and groceries.  We shopped  at 2 grocery stores, the Choluteca mall, and the valle of angels.  We enjoyed a beach afternoon, many smoothie shop visits, lots of fresca, tang, beans, a few papusas, lots of coffee, and some of us purchased a few leather purses, hammocks and baskets.

On our final night our students had the opportunity to debrief and share their favorite photo with the group.  Hearing words like “life-changing, meaningful difference, educating the future of nursing, lasting impact” from this group filled me with emotions I can’t explain.  I am honored to be a part of this study abroad experience and thankful for the opportunity share just a little piece with you.



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