Day 6: Ingenuity where is limited resources

Photo above: Bladder irrigation set up for a patient with hematuria.

We started our day early, had breakfast around 5:15 am and was on our way to the Hospital del Sur which is the government hospital. We were there with the students from the nursing school, as they got to experience patient care. We were able to participate in the morning rounds, and assist with the dressing changes with the surgical patients. In the afternoon we visited Semesur private hospital in Choluteca. The differences in the two hospitals was like night and day.

As gut wrenching as it was to appreciate the differences between the two hospitals. I was able to appreciate the ingenuity that comes with limited resources. And that as hard as situation may be or look like there is always a way to overcome if we tap into ourselves and find the resources within us and around us.



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