Day 6- Tuesday

Day 6

We woke up VERY early and ate breakfast at the Overholts at 5am. We headed out at 6am to the Public Hospital in Choluteca. We had many different experiences and got to see many different things. We worked with the 11th graders from the nursing school and they did an amazing job taking vitals and practicing dressing wounds. There were some of us stationed in the men’s ward, women’s ward, and pediatrics. Kelsey and I had a really great opportunity to watch a hysterectomy in the OR. It was a little different than the surgeries we had both seen in the US…but overall a cool experience. We went back to the Overholts and ate lunch before leaving again to see the private hospital. VERY DIFFERENT! This hospital was gorgeous, but had very few patients. We went to the nice mall across the street and I got a real vanilla frosty from Wendy’s which was excellent. We bought plenty of gifts too at the nice grocery store next door. We took a nice siesta and then ate pastelitos (fried corn tortilla with potato inside) and they were fantastic. Once we got back to the hotel, it was only a matter of time until we all crashed…stay tuned for tomorrow! 

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