Day 5: Monday

We got an early start today, heading to the Health Department. We saw 80 – 100 patients in primary care for women’s health, adults, pediatrics, and pharmacy services. We even got to check a few fetal heart rates, which is always fun! The IETI nursing students were a big help in taking vitals and blood sugars. We all have lots of opportunities to learn from and help each other.

We were really impressed to learn about the high (88%) immunization rate here, amazing work by the Honduran public health/health care system.

Back at the Overholts, we taught more classes for the high school students in History and Physical Assessment, Evidence Based Practice, CPR & 1st aid. Lauren, our student translator is on the Oscar trail for her performance as the distraught mother of our choking baby in CPR.

Smoothies and a steak dinner wrapped up the day – no one is wanting for good food here.

Quote of the day: “It was hot!” True . . . About 102 degrees this afternoon!

Chiseko giving some special attention to a patient

OSU group and IETI students at the Choluteca Health Department.

Kristina and Kara in the women’s health exam room

Elaine, Katie, and nursing students taking vitals

Lara, Ed, and a nursing student assessing a patient

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