Day 5-Monday

Hi everyone!! Today was our 5th day here down in Honduras.  We started our day with an early breakfast. We had fruit, cereal, eggs, homemade coffee cake and toast. Everything was wonderful but the coffee cake was amazing! After breakfast we loaded the bus with all our medical supplies and medications. Then we went to the public health center. We broke up into different rooms and provided care to: adults, pediatrics, and women’s health. If the patients needed medications, we were able to send them to the pharmacy and get them taken care of. Some of the students from the nursing school here came with us and it was so nice to have them there.  They helped with getting vitals, checking blood sugars, and finding out what the patient was at the public health center for. I was so happy I got to work with women’s health for the day. I learned a lot and saw a lot too! Once we finished up at the public health center we went back to Larry and Angie’s for lunch. We had sandwiches, cole slaw, chips, fruit & cookies. Then we taught CPR, first aid, health assessment, history & physical, and evidence based practice. The students were wonderful and eager to learn. After teaching we went back to the hotel and some of us went for smoothies. I personally took a little cat nap until it was time for dinner. We all walked to Angie’s and Larry’s for dinner and let me tell you all it was very tasty. Dinner consisted of steak, cheesy potatoes, veggies, and more cookies. We are definitely fed very well here! We headed back to the hotel for the night after dinner. Another busy day awaits tomorrow!

Kristina & Kara In women’s health

Lauren, Kara, Lara, Lauren, and Jess with the class after teaching CPR & first aid

Nursing school students and all of us in front of the public health center





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