Try harder, scammers!

Okay, I’m still laughing about this.

A week ago, I received a phone call from someone that claimed my computer was attacking their systems and that they wanted to work with me to prevent my computer from doing so. Makes sense, right? I mean, of course they would have my telephone number after only seeing my computer’s IP address.

Wait a minute…

It was the end of the day, so I decided to have fun with them. It wasn’t until we were a few minutes in that it dawned on me to record the conversation. Nevertheless, I think some fantastic moments in this audio. Take a break, have a laugh, and tell me what you think in the comments!

Listen: Phone scammers unsuccessful attempt to compromise my computer

Inaugural post?

I am not a good blogger.

Still reading? Okay, I’ll continue.

I have had blogs in the past that were largely unfocused or too self-centered. Expectedly, they were quickly abandoned. The longest running one I have is for my photography site, but even that one seldom sees updates. What’s the common recurring problem?


Who has time to pause, ponder, and articulate thoughts with any frequency? If you do, I’m envious. With a demanding career, an ever growing entrepreneurship,  a wife, and two kids two years old or less, time is precious and rarely used to contribute to the innerwebs.

Wow. This first post is kind of a downer. My point is that despite all my previous challenges, my thought as it stands today is that this new outlet ( may just enable me to resurface the pleasure I take in writing. Or . . . it may gather dust like all the rest.

Let’s see what happens . . .