November Question

Congressional apportionment in the House has been an issue throughout the years. Some states believing that they deserve more seats than others and other states believing this system is fine as is. However, I feel that the congressional apportionment in the House inaccurately represents our United States. Our population is constantly growing and in order to have an effective representative democracy, it is imperative that all states are represented proportionally in the House. Therefore, I do believe there is a way to change congressional apportionment in the House.

I believe we can change congressional apportionment in the House by increasing the number of seats. We currently have 435 seats in the House which allows for the misrepresentation of some states. For example, there are multiple states where they share the same number of seats as another state and their population is greater. This means that some states have a greater percent of representation with a smaller population. So, we can fix the situation by adding at least an additional 500 seats to the House.

In order to make this change, all Congress has to do is pass legislation and detail specifically how they want to divide the new seats among the 50 states. By increasing the number of seats in the House, it creates a sense of fairness for voters. If voters feel they are better represented, they will feel that their vote matters and will want to participate more in our democracy. So, voter participation will increase.

Increasing the size of the House is only a mere suggestion. Although accurate representation and voter participation sounds good, there are potential ways that this increase may only create additional problems. Of course with more seats we are at risk for gerrymandering, a large influx of candidates, and lack of space for the new representatives. All of these things must be taken into account before the change within the House can occur.



  • Global Awareness: For global awareness, I plan to get involved in several cultural student organizations such the Black Student Association, N.A.P.S., etc.
  • Original Inquiry: For original inquiry, I hope to gain a better understanding of politics and the criminal justice system through research, extracurricular activities, and my coursework.
  • Academic Enrichment: I would like to gain academic enrichment through internships, community service, and other opportunities within and outside the classroom.
  • Leadership Development: To become a stronger leader, I hope to better develop my public speaking and communication skills to help me achieve positions of leadership.
  • Service Engagement: One of my many passions is spreading awareness of diversity and inclusion. So. I would like to give back underrepresented communities in the Columbus area.


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Peer Mentor Interview

My peer mentor is Kara Howard. She is a second year political science major with a minor in French. She is from Portville, New York which is an hour and a half outside of Buffalo. She applied to Ohio State because she has an aunt in Cincinnati which familiarized her with the university. She also wanted to attend an out of state college. After college, Kara hopes to continue her higher education by continuing on to law school. Following law school, Kara plans to work within either the healthcare or corporate field.

Outside of school, Kara is very passionate about her major and minor of Political Science and French. Kara plans to study abroad this summer in France putting her French minor to the test. She has also participated in the Canadian Parliament Internship Program. She shadowed a federal judge this past summer as well.

Kara has really enjoyed her time as a student at The Ohio State University and a Politics, Society and Law Scholar. One of her favorite moments was the field trip to the Ohio Correctional Reception Center. This trip inspired her to write her reflection essay and learn more about the issue of mass incarceration. Kara’s overall advice for a student at Ohio State is to take classes that interest you to create a better learning experience.

About Me

My name is Christen Hill. I am from, Beavercreek, Ohio, a small suburb of Dayton where I graduated from Beavercreek High School. I am a first-year Marketing major in the Fisher College of Business. I am also a Politics, Society, and Law Scholar, as well as a Morrill Scholarship Program Scholar. As a Morrill Scholar, I have been able to continue my passion for diversity and inclusion from high school by working with other like-minded students to spread awareness. I hope to continue this in my adult life as I aspire to be a civil rights lawyer to help people of color and underrepresented people. I am excited for the next four years of my life at Ohio State and cannot wait to get involved recreationally and academically on campus.