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Tomato Mosaic Virus

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  • Alternating light and dark green coloring between yellowing leaf veins.
  • Leaves curl and become “fern-like” (filiform) or pointed in appearance.
  • Yellow streaking or spotting appears until leaves are completely yellow, or chlorotic.
  • Newer growth is deformed and distorted.

Tomato TMV_ToMV 3 Tomato TMV_ToMV 1


  • Brown spots or blotchy discolored areas may appear on the outside of fruits.
  • When infection is severe, the fruit appear distorted or deformed with non-uniform fruit color.
  • Plants may also be stunted and yield a low quantity of fruit.

Favorable Environmental Conditions

Symptoms caused by ToMV are more severe at 24°C than at higher or lower temperatures. Low light conditions also promote symptom expression.

Often Confused With

  • Herbicide Damage
  • Tobacco etch virus
  • Potato virus Y

Scouting Notes

  • Throughout the season, plants should be checked for mosaic, mottling, and yellowing symptoms.
  • If plants are infected, they should be removed and destroyed to prevent spread of the disease.
  • Healthy plants should not be touched after handling infected plants.  Dipping hands in milk (e.g. reconstituted nonfat dry milk) inactivates the virus.