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Tomato Diseases | Botrytis Grey Mold

Botrytis Grey Mold



  • Infected leaves are brown with blighted areas.  On tomatoes lesions are often V-shaped on leaves.

LettuceBotrytis copy 50QUALITY Botrytis Tomato Seedlings-2 copy 50QUALITY
Images of Botrytis grey mold symptoms on tomato leaves (left) and lettuce leaves (right).


  • Grey-brown velvety mold spots on the leaves or stems.
  • Stem cankers can damage or girdle the stem and lead to wilting.

TomatoBotrytisSeedlings copy 50QUALITY BotrytisGHTomato copy 50 Quality


  • Flowers may turn brown and die.
  • Flowers and fruits develop a grey, fuzzy coating.


  • Fruits develop necrotic flecks surrounded by a whitish halo or white circular rings.
  • Infected fruits turn gray-white and rot.

Tomato Grey mold-2 copy 50QUALITY Botrytis Ghost Spot Wayne County copy 50QUALITY Botrytis fruit rot Wayne Cnty NEW 50QUALITY

Favorable Environmental Conditions

  • Cool and wet (high humidity >80%) conditions.
  • Moderate temperatures of 65 – 75°F.

Often Confused With

Scouting Notes

  • First sites of infection are wounded tissues and fading flowers.
  • Initial growth appears white, and then darkens to a grey color.