The Vegetable Pathology Lab at The Ohio State University-OARDC, Department of Plant Pathology, has decided to expand its Vegetable Disease Facts website to High Tunnel vegetable growers.  This site, in addition to Vegetable Disease Facts, will to provide stakeholders with an innovative tool to assist them in making informed science-based decisions to manage vegetable diseases specifically for organics.  Each disease is listed under each host crop in the main navigation toolbar.

The site provides:

  • current information on the taxonomic classification, epidemiology and management of pathogens of high tunnel vegetables,
  • vegetable disease summaries in English (and Spanish in the future),
  • targeted information for stakeholders with various levels of knowledge in high tunnel vegetable disease management,
  • stakeholders with multiple forums to obtain knowledge and
  • county extension educators and diagnosticians with a go-to diagnostic tool.

This site was developed with funding from the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center and The Ohio State Integrated Pest Management Program.  All photographs shown were taken by the Ohio State University Vegetable Pathology team unless otherwise noted. For permission to use the images shown on this site or for more information about this site or vegetable disease management please contact Dr. Sally A. Miller.

Dr. Sally A. Miller

Vegetable Pathology Program
The Ohio State University-OARDC
Wooster, OH 44691