First Semester Year in Review

First semester is what they say –  a learning curve. And when they say “learn”, you learn a lot. Classes are different than high school. You pick your schedule and have time to work on homework or study between classes. Studying is a must and happens at 3 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning. Keep up with your studies, do your homework, and ace the test. College is about setting yourself up for your future, so make sure you do well academically, but also get involved outside the classroom. I joined an investment club, got involved with Cru, and am a part of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars program. I have learned more about the stock market, grown in my faith, and acquired some valuable leadership skills and been a part of some awesome service projects. My favorite Mount service project was Fall Jamboree, where we ran a harvest day at a farm including: hay rides, pumpkin archery, rock climbing, exploring a corn maze, painting, and best of all, corn shucking. On the weekends, I went to football games, and there is nothing quite like experiencing game-day in the Shoe. Witnessing Ohio State upset Penn State in one of the biggest games of the year and was incredible. After the games ended, winter set in. Snow began to fall, and campus was covered with a blanket – its own winter wonderland. It does get a little cold here, but you live with it. You go to the movies with your friends, order pizzas at midnight, go to the Short North, and have some amazing tacos, and so much more. Life at Ohio State is a truly great experience to have. Even though finals week was very stressful and getting sick doesn’t help, we survive. And we do so having fun and learning new things. Ohio State has provided me with an excellent path of education, and a perfect environment for fun and important social experiences. I can’t wait to see what this semester holds, and I’m proud to be a Buckeye.

Artifact #1


Food. Found in many forms, it is an absolute essential for life. These protein packed and nutrient enriched tacos are just a sample of all the fun fantastic foods and experiences available on and around campus. Food is so important in our culture today, but some people don’t understand and recognize the true art of food. Food is a center piece – for events, for fun, and as we most commonly see it, on the table. Food brings together friends, families, and strangers and it cultivates a special bonding experience. Food for me has built new friendships, whether it’s going to the dining hall with a friend or going to grab ice cream at UDF with a sugar deprived group of students up late studying. Creating a social construct, it has positively influenced my overall experience at Ohio State – not to mention the food at the traditions is pretty decent, and it offers plenty of additional toppings for foodies like me. Appearance is another art of food, and how the design visually impacts the consumer. Something that is meticulous, colorful, and unique is bound to seek more attention, drawing in questions from friends and strangers about your masterpiece and it establishes a better sense of appreciation for the blessings you have. Conversation, bonding, developing relationships, imploring spontaneity, and filling one’s life with new colorful, powerful, and exotic things. It’s food and it has been a significant importance to me as I’ve started my life at here at The Ohio State University.

Year in Review

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I have been involved and continue to engage in events and activities that align with the G.O.A.L.S. of Honors & Scholars. Three of the most important ones to me are Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement.

Academically, I am passionate about learning and am really excited to take the skills I learn to the work force. Studying Finance and Logistics along with an Aviation minor, I am really looking forward to using my knowledge to have a successful career in the airline industry – making an impact on one customer at a time. I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge outside the classroom by having a real-world experience with an airline, focusing not only on what I am learning but about how I can make the best impact on the company and industry. Improving airline travel and serving others while doing it is something that combines both my passion for aviation and service.

I plan to continue to grow my leadership skills as I conclude the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program this upcoming spring, but also expand my skills into other activities. I am currently cultivating my skills as the Freshmen Engagement Coordinator in the Center for Aviation Studies Student Association, and I look forward to getting involved in other leadership roles in the future. I am additionally looking forward to applying these skills to the professional world – leading and collaborating with groups and teams in the Fisher College of Business and at future companies.

Lastly, I want to continue my life of service engagement. Ever since high school, I have been heavily involved in service and have absolutely fallen in love with bettering the lives of others. Mount Leadership Society has allowed me to integrate myself with the community by performing numerous acts of service. My most notable is my current service project at the Community Kitchen Inc. I serve with several other volunteers in a lower-income area to people in need of a meal for lunch. Not only has this experience been personally rewarding, but I have been able to establish genuine relationships with the staff and the people we are serving. At first, I felt a little out of place, and even alone. But now I feel I am truly part of the community. Seeing and talking with the same people every week, who I now know by name, and being caring and understanding of their lives, has been incredible. Being willing to listen and communicate with everyone here has brought out my authentic self – opening my eyes to whole new perspective on life. I can’t be thankful enough for all the opportunities I have had and will have in the future. I look forward to not only continuing my service here but using my motivation to continue to serve others wherever I move on to. Spending time valuing and caring for individuals is something I will be continuing by serving in a community where I feel called to be.

I am thrilled to continue my journey at Ohio State as a Mount Leadership Society Scholar, and I look forward to developing and refining my skills and interests in the areas of academics, leadership, and service.



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About Me

Michael Hiett is currently a freshman in the Fisher College of Business, majoring in Business Administration Undecided. He is from Mason, Ohio and excited to be furthering his education at The Ohio State University. He plans to focus on a specialization and obtain a Bachelor of Science degree by the end of his 4th year. He is still interested in obtaining a degree in law following his undergraduate education. Michael enjoys serving in his community, being involved with his youth group, and running in his spare time. He was heavily involved with volunteering at his church, tutoring elementary students, leading as Information Technology Chair of student government, and Co-President of the student bank. Michael is looking forward to extending his community involvement through his scholars program, Mount Leadership Society Scholars, by applying the leadership skills he acquires and using them to serve the community in and around Ohio State. He also plans to join an on-campus youth group, and further his faith and service to God’s Kingdom, and immerse himself in service around the community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!