Why is the Product From Apple so Popular?

These days, the product from Apple is kinda become a must-have for people.  Though There is so many competitors in the market, why is Apple getting more and more loyalties?

This video is a lecture of  Simon Sink, a marketing consultant, which is posted at October, 10, 2010. This video works to introduce his concept of “The Golden Circle,” which identifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful and influential.

The Article “6 Reasons Apple is so successful” written by Tim Bajarin and posted on Time Magazine. This article talks about variable reasons of the success of Apple in different aspects. The One most appeals to me the the part about the network. Please feel free to share what is your idea about the biggest reason of the success of Apple.

6 Reasons Apple Is So Successful

And this article “What Makes Apple So Profitable and Unique” by Priya Wiswanathan posted at November 17, 2018 tends to focus on the stuffs that makes Apple different from other companies that produce electric devices.


This is the home page of Investopedia. This Website gives professional comments on the companies. And you are able to have a glance on the company’s financial trends by using this website. I read several articles about Apple on Investopedia and those are very useful me to understand how does Apple markets its products to the costumers.

The book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson which released on October 24, 2011 is also a very good source to understand the Apple company. This book talks about the whole life of the co-founder of the Apple company, Steve Jobs. It includes many detailed content of the company.