Time, Task, & Environment Management

In this module, I learnt many useful skills to manage my time to study more efficient.

This semester, I have got a lot of course going on. I have many courses from my specialization and that really take a lot of my energy. Meanwhile, I am so frustrate that how to manage so many school work since I am a person that is easily to be distracted. But I am so glad that I take this course that taught me so many techniques not only helping me on the online courses but also can apply to most of the course that I take.


Here is a video from this module. In this video, Dr Lauren Hensley give variable advices on time and environment management that is very particle and I applied them immediately right after I finished watching this video. For example, Dr Hensley gives some advice on avoid distractions in the video. She talks about turn off the phone and put it to somewhere I cannot reach out for it; and also create myself a learning environment that i can fully focus and free from the distractions. I fond those advice very useful and they really improve my efficiency on learning after I utilized them. What’s more, Dr Hensley also talks about the danger of multitasks. She says that people should totally focus on only one task in a specific time period. People cannot be a family member, a spouse, and a student at the same time(Hensley, L.). I used to try to finish some discussion posts while I was spending time with my friends and that did not turns out very while and I did not enjoying time with my friends like that either. So I would make myself to focus on only one task in a time in order to reach the best outcome.


Hensley, L. (2015). Video Lecture: Tips on Managing Time, Tasks and Study Environment for Online Learners. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/TDme7FwnU2Q.

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