Online Reading & Note Taking

This week I learnt a lot of useful skills on online reading and note-taking.  This semester a also have my second year writing class online and this course often required a lot of online readings as well. The reading assignment from this course are usually very long and I have to write reflection paper or response paper base on it. Since those readings are in electronic version and I am the kind of person who like to take notes on hard copy while I am reading, so I was always feeling frustrated when doing the assignment like this. but thus module offers tons of skills and techniques that really help me out in my situation.

At the beginning, I should Identify the purpose of online reading(Watkin, R., p100). I clarifying what is the goal of reading is very important. If I am going to write a review paper on this paper or I have to generate a thesis statement base on this. To set a goal before start reading would help me read more efficiently than do not prepare anything. In addition, to preview the reading would also be a very useful trick for online reading. After setting the reading goal, I can use the goal to evaluate each part of the article and make some notes about which part I should pay more attention to and which part and can just go through quickly.

Furthermore, I also learnt many skills on online note-taking in this module. In the “Technology”page this week, it recommend variable of online note-taking apps for me. As I said before, the readings from the online courses are usually pretty long and it is not very practical to print them all out. Thus, to take notes using electronic devise is a good way to keeping things organized. By doing so, I am able to keep all my materials of the online courses in my computer together. And I tried out several APPs recommend by this course and now I decide to stick on Evernote. I think it is a very useful tool to take notes in my laptop and I can easily keep my notes organized and they are easily to find.


Watkins Ryan. (2004). Online Readings: Gaining the Most from What You Read. In G. M. Piskurich (Ed.), Getting the most from online learning: A learner’s guide (pp. 93-110). San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.

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