Transport is the third production process activity that takes place during the creation of Hershey’s chocolate.  According to “The Hershey Company and West African Cocoa Communities”, dried cocoa beans are first packed into sacks and put into trucks to be taken to Ghanaian Port in Ghana where they are placed into containers (5).  Once the containers are filled, they are packed onto a ship and shipped across the sea to Port of Singapore; here they are put onto a truck and taken to a processing factory (“The Hershey Company”, 5).  The cocoa products are produced at the factory and then taken back to the Port of Singapore by trucks.  From here, they are taken by ship to Port of Melbourne where they are once again placed on trucks and taken to a manufacturing factory (“The Hershey Company”, 5).  After being manufactured, the products are loaded onto pallets and into trucks and transported to warehouses where orders are assembled.  They are then loaded back into trucks and distributed to supermarkets and retail outlets (“The Hershey Company”, 5).

Transporting these products was mainly done by trucks and ships, but humans also played a huge rule in the transport process.  Humans’ jobs were to load and unload products from trucks and ships and take them elsewhere such as ports, processing factories, and manufacturing factories.  Because trucks and ships are being used in this process, “Supplier Code of Conduct” says that pollution created needs to be monitored, controlled, and treated (6).  This company must follow all environmental laws and regulations and produce their products controlling the use of natural resources (“Supplier Code of Conduct”, 6).


The above map shows the transport process of Hershey products.

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