Hershey’s products are made available to all distributors and retailers, but due to the lack of space, some stores may not carry every product (“Frequently Asked Questions”).  Once stores receive the shipments, the products are placed onto the shelves and made available to all customers for purchase.  Not only can customers purchase Hershey products in stores, but they can also order them online through the Hershey’s website (“Frequently Asked Questions”).  The orders are assembled, shipped, and delivered to the customers.

Prices of Hershey Products:

Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz)- $0.89
Cookies ‘N’ Creame Bar (1.55 oz)- $0.89
Miniature Milk Chocolate Bars (12 oz)- $3.19 (Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Milk Chocolate)
Kit Kat (1.5 oz)- $0.89
Milk Chocolate Kisses (40 oz)- $10.79
Hershey Hugs (11 oz)- $3.19
Hershey Drops (8 oz)- $2.79
Milk Chocolate Bars (6 pack)- $4.29
Milk Duds (10 oz)- $1.94
Twizzlers Cherry Pull ‘N’ Peel (21 oz)- $2.79
Chocolate Syrup (24 oz)- $2.49
Chocolate Spreads (13 oz)- $3.57
Hershey’s Cocoa (8 oz)- $2.99
Hot Fudge (12.8 oz)- $2.19

**All above prices found on target.com**

Prices and weights of Hershey’s products can be expected to change “to accommodate changes in costs, the competitive environment and profit objectives, while at the same time maintaining consumer value” (“The Hershey Company – Form 10-K”, 2010).  The company takes into account the costs of raw and packaging materials, fuel, utilities, transportation, and employee benefits (“The Hershey Company – Form 10-K”, 2010).

Hershey Company is not only a company in the United States as it expanded worldwide after much success.  Globally, Hershey Company has about 13,000 employees (“Frequently Asked Questions”).  According to “Supplier Code of Conduct”, Hershey Company is to pay their employees at least minimum wage or at comparable amounts to similar companies (4).  The amount of hours an employee works should follow the legal norms; if an employee works, overtime, they are to be paid at the mandated premium (“Supplier Code”, 4).

purchase3 (2)

The above map shows a few of the store headquarters that carry Hershey products.

Target- Minneapolis, MN
Meijer- Grand Rapids, MI
Walmart- Bentonville, AR
Walgreens- Deerfield, IL
Giant Eagle- Pittsburgh, PA
Kroger- Cincinnati, OH

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