Here are some photos of the Herodotos Project team and  of some relevant events.

National Endowment for the Humanities — Office of Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting (Washington 9 Feb 2018)



Marie-Catherine de Marneffe


Brian Joseph


Micha Elsner


Alex Erdmann


Rex Wallace


Annotation Team (L to R): Matias Grioni (computational specialist), James Wolfe (Classicist), Petra Ajaka (computational specialist and Latinist), Hannah Young (Latinist), Andrew Kessler (Latinist)


Another shot of the annotation team, here with Colleen Kron  (Classicist) added in (on the right side of the table next to the screen)


Jesse Feng, a Computer Science major who joined the team in October 2018


The Herodotos Team, hard at work (annotating text)


Morgan Amonett



And finally, an homage to our “hero” (from Athens, Greece):