We gratefully acknowledge here the support of numerous contributors over the years (see our “The Team” page) and various sources of funding (see our “Funding” page), but especially the National Endowment for the Humanities.



The Herodotos Project began solely due to the contributions of small grant funds that gave the project the opportunity to evolve into what it is today. In 2017, The Herodotos Project received its largest funding yet, allowing the project to expand in scope, enlarge the team, and continue accomplishing its goals. The Herodotos Project Team is extremely grateful for the contributions from these generous sources and are excited to show our progress. We detail this support here, and gratefully acknowledge it:

a. LinguistList, Inc. (, Summer 2010:      $ 500

b. OSU College of Humanities Grant-in-Aid, Summer 2010:      $1000

c. OSU Office of Research Travel Grant, Summer 2014:     $2500

d. College of Arts and Sciences Matching Research Travel Grant,

Summer 2014:     $2500

e. Targeted Investment in Excellence grant from the OSU College of Arts

and Sciences, through the Department of Linguistics, Summer 2014:     $5000

f. OSU Arts and Sciences Large Grant, Spring 2016:     $8000

g. National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Digital Humanities

Advancement grant, awarded to Christopher Brown, Micha Elsner,

Marie Catherine de Marneffe, and Brian Joseph (grant #HAA-256078-17), August 2017:  $74808

h. OSU Graduate School:  GRA Tuition Waiver, Autumn 2018:      $6212.40

i. OSU Arts and Humanities Larger Grant: Collaborative Completion Grant – Autumn 2021-Summer 2022:  $9994.73