LatinUS Theater, Cleveland Ohio

Take a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, and you’ll find LatinUS Theater, Ohio’s first independent Latino theater. According to the theater’s own mission statement, LatinUS Theater seeks to “create and produce passionate, professional and world class theater in an artistic environment to develop artists from our Latino/Hispanic community in Ohio”. Their philosophy, translated into practice, means performing Spanish-language theater for audiences in Northeastern Ohio, such as works by dramaturg Ariel Dorfman. Read more about the theater’s upcoming performances here.

“Complaint of El Río Grande” by Richard Blanco

“You named me big river, drew me—blue,
thick to divide, to say: spic and Yankee,
to say: wetback and gringo. You split me
in two—half of me us, the rest them. But
I wasn’t meant to drown children, hear
mothers’ cries, never meant to be your
geography: a line, a border, a murderer.”

–“Complaint of El Río Grande“, by Richard Blanco, a poem too beautiful not to share with OhioHabla followers.

This poem comes from Blanco’s How to Love a Country, a collection of poems that explore topics such as immigration, violence, racism, and LGBTQ experiences.

To learn more about the author, listen to the On Being episode in which he is interviewed.

3 autoras latinas a las que debes leer en 2019

Ya que estamos en pleno mes de herencia hispana, ¿por qué no leer una obra de estas tres autoras latinas? Elizabeth Acevedo, Kali Fajardo-Anstine y Norma Cantú son tres autoras latinas que, en sus obras, abarcan temas como la afrolatinidad y las latinas de ascendencia indígena–temas que no suelen incluirse en los cánones literarios tradicionales–inspirándose en sus experiencias y las de sus familias.