#PoderQuince: Quinceañeras who rock the vote

How did you celebrate your 15th birthday? With a voter-registration booth at your party? A new generation of quinceañeras are working to increase voter registration for Latinx voters in Texas. By partnering with Jolt, an organization that seeks to promote political engagement among Latinos in the US. One of their initiatives, Poder Quince/Quince Power, involves working with quinceañeras to register and inform potential voters. Participating quinceañeras receive a free photobooth for their party and a “PoderQuince” Spanchat filter, in exchange for bringingJolt staff into their fiestas to answer questions and register voters. Read more about these smart young women who are doing their part to increase voter turnout in our elections.

Latinx Millennials & American Identity

Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close, but there is certainly no end to the interesting and important research in the field of Latinx Studies. Take, for example, the work of Dr. Nilda Flores-González, professor of sociology at Arizona State University. Her most recent work focuses on Latinx millennials who have grown up speaking English and surrounded by American culture, yet still find their American identity questioned on a regular basis. Read more about her fascinating research here!