Ohio: How To Vote In Person After Requesting An Absentee Ballot

If you requested an Absentee ballot, and then decided you’d prefer to vote in person, read on to learn how to do so!

According to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose: “you can vote early in person with no trouble — emphasis on the early.”

If you’ve already received your absentee ballot in the mail, you can exchange it for a new, regular ballot at the early in-person voting site. Ohio counts early ballots as they are cast, so yours will be counted before Election Day even arrives. If you choose to vote on Election Day, however, you will vote provisionally, and your vote will not be tallied until after November 3rd.

Voting is a civic duty–we all must do our part. If you don’t already have one, make a plan to vote so that your voice is heard in 2020.

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