#PoderQuince: Quinceañeras who rock the vote

How did you celebrate your 15th birthday? With a voter-registration booth at your party? A new generation of quinceañeras are working to increase voter registration for Latinx voters in Texas. By partnering with Jolt, an organization that seeks to promote political engagement among Latinos in the US. One of their initiatives, Poder Quince/Quince Power, involves working with quinceañeras to register and inform potential voters. Participating quinceañeras receive a free photobooth for their party and a “PoderQuince” Spanchat filter, in exchange for bringingJolt staff into their fiestas to answer questions and register voters. Read more about these smart young women who are doing their part to increase voter turnout in our elections.

Pío de Jesus Pico: Los Angeles’ Complex and Diverse History

How much do you know about the history of Los Angeles? What about the African contributions to Los Angeles? One individual in particular, Pío de Jesus Pico, was especially influential in the history of this major US city. In fact, his family’s surname is present all over Los Angeles today. Read more about Pio Pico, one of the most interesting figures in California’s history–who lived on land that, in his lifetime alone, was ruled by Spain, Mexico, and the US–in this fascinating article.

Latinx Millennials & American Identity

Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close, but there is certainly no end to the interesting and important research in the field of Latinx Studies. Take, for example, the work of Dr. Nilda Flores-González, professor of sociology at Arizona State University. Her most recent work focuses on Latinx millennials who have grown up speaking English and surrounded by American culture, yet still find their American identity questioned on a regular basis. Read more about her fascinating research here!



Ohio Latino Education Summit: 11/8/2019

The Ohio Latino Education Summit is an all-day event hosted by the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs in partnership with Kent State University and the Ohio Department of Education, which attracts close to 300 participants every year. The purpose of the summit is to bring together educators, legislators, the state, local community, students, and stakeholders to discuss best practices affecting the education of Latino youth and participate in presentations that address the year’s theme: “Inspiring ReSílience: Equity, Partnerships and Quality Schools.”

Register for the summit today!

Making It: Latino Students’ Pathways to College

La población estudiantil latina es una población creciente en los Estados Unidos. Los 18 millones los estudiantes latinos en EEUU constituyen casi el 25% de los estudiantes de EEUU, por lo cual estamos ante la necesidad de ofrecerles una experiencia educativa que refleje sus necesidades culturales y que los prepare para la vida universitaria y profesional. Este documental se enfoca en César Chávez Academy en Detroit, una escuela con una población estudiantil mayoritariamente latina, y el programa de College Assistance Migrant Program de Michigan State University, con el fin de destacar algunas de las mejores prácticas para educar a los estudiantes latinos y prepararles para sus estudios universitarios.

3 autoras latinas a las que debes leer en 2019

Ya que estamos en pleno mes de herencia hispana, ¿por qué no leer una obra de estas tres autoras latinas? Elizabeth Acevedo, Kali Fajardo-Anstine y Norma Cantú son tres autoras latinas que, en sus obras, abarcan temas como la afrolatinidad y las latinas de ascendencia indígena–temas que no suelen incluirse en los cánones literarios tradicionales–inspirándose en sus experiencias y las de sus familias.