From Across the Field 7-2-2020

Wheat Harvest Begins

Another week of hot weather has sped up dry down of the winter wheat crop across the state. It’s not too often that we have a July 4th holiday harvest in Northern Ohio.

This is quite a bit different that last year for sure, where I wrote “The old saying about corn being knee high by the 4th of July might be a stretch in many cases here in Henry County.” This year there are many fields of corn that are waist high and a few closer to chest high. Amazing what can change in a year’s time.

After harvesting barley in the county last week, I am curious to see how wheat yields look given the severity of the Army Worm damage to the barley crop. Across Fulton, Henry, and Wood counties, I’ve heard a range of 20-40 percent yield loss in barley due to clipped heads. This has been an interesting wheat crop, one that had high yield potential until a few nights of cold weather this spring, coupled with the Army Worm pressure.

This recent heat wave serves as a good reminder to stay hydrated and utilize proper sun protection when working outdoors. Consider sunscreen if exposure to sunlight is expected to be prolonged. Other safety measures to consider include wide brimmed hats and light colored, lightweight clothing to prevent burning and heat exhaustion. In the garden, now is the time to consider planting for fall crops. Under grow lights we can be starting brassicas such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. These crops will be ready to transplant into the garden in 6-8 weeks. Second planting of green beans, onions and potatoes can be direct seeded in the garden this week. Again, in a couple of weeks consider direct seeding of beets, carrots, short maturing summer squash and cucumbers.

As a reminder with July 4th being this Saturday, OSU Extension will be closed this Friday in observance of the holiday. We are planning to back to the Hahn Center soon and will be available for scheduled appointments in addition to the ways we have been communicating during telework.

I’ll be celebrating Independence Day by firing up the grill and spending some time with friends. Hopefully everyone will have the chance to enjoy a few minutes between everything that is gong on.

With combines and equipment out and about, remember to share the road and to be safe. I’ll end this week with a quote from Daniel J. Boorstin: “Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.” Have a great week.

Garth Ruff,

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator

OSU Henry County Extension

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