From Across the Field – 12/5/2019

Tis the Season

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I had the opportunity to head south for an extended weekend, where I spent the holiday with friends and family. On Thanksgiving Day we head to Wadsworth, Ohio to spend time with Ruff side of the family. Always good to visit with the extended family that we don’t see as often as we probably should. I was also good to see another big Buckeye victory over TTUN, a great start to coach Day’s tenure in The Game.

On “Black Friday” the closest thing I did to going shopping was helping my dad at a bred heifer and cow sale. Needless to say we were not in the market for any “Black Friday” specials. This past Monday I also went deer hunting for a spell. It was almost too windy to sit and wait as the deer really weren’t moving. That said I’m not the most dedicated hunter, rather more the opportunistic type.

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror, bring on the Christmas music.

It’s also time to “deck the halls” if you haven’t done so already. When selecting a Christmas tree, either pre-cut or from a cut your own tree farm there are some things to consider. Think about what type of decorations you will be using, some species have more open foliage, stiffer branches or longer needles. For example, a white pine would not be recommended for hanging heavy ornaments.  Select the tree that fits your predetermined needs. Check the trunk to be sure that it is sufficiently straight. Keep in mind that pines will usually have, at least, some crook in their trunks. Also check that the tree has a sufficiently long handle to accommodate your stand. For pre-cut trees run a branch through your enclosed hand – the needles should not come off easily. Bend the outer branches – they should be pliable. If they are brittle and snap easily, the tree is too dry.

It seems every year tragedy strikes when a home burns down around the holidays. In some cases, this can be avoided. As one could expect, candles are one of the most common causes of house fires. So during this time of the year, make sure we do not have lit candles near trees, other greens, decorations, or wrapping paper. Also, place candles where they cannot be blown over or knocked down. While they are wonderful to have, be very careful with them.

If you have a fresh tree, make sure it has plenty of water. With lights, check the cord for cracks or exposed wire. Use no more than three standard-size sets of light per single extension cord. Never use lights on a metallic tree, as the tree can become charged from a faulty light, and a person could be shocked or electrocuted.

On December 19th we will be having a open house during work hours for you, the public to stop by, visit, and check out the renovations done here in the office. Feel free to stop by from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. that day. I’ll wrap up this week with a quote from Robert Half: “When one teaches, two learn.” Have a great week.

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December 19 – OSU Extension Open House

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