From Across the Field – Keep Moving 8/14/19

Today marks the end of the 2019 Henry County Fair. Congratulations is due to all of the exhibitors for their successes at this year’s fair. A highlight of the fair and proper ending for livestock exhibitors is today’s Jr. Fair Livestock Sale. The Jr. Fair Sale is the culmination of upwards of a year for some exhibitors and as little as six weeks of hard work and dedication. Speaking from personal experience the youth remember the support the receive over the years.

All in all, I think most everybody had a good fair week. What I enjoy most is the conversations had throughout the week. One conversation the particularly stood out this week occurred with year’s beef judge, a recently retired OSU Extension agriculture agent from southern Ohio. He shared some advice that the best we can do is to “keep moving.” While simple, I think that is advice that anyone, especially young people should take to heart. As it relates to the fair, I certainly appreciate those young folks that have “kept moving” throughout the week, working hard to best represent themselves and help others as well.

Upcoming this week are a couple of events. The first of which is our working land’s field day at Sonnenberg Farms on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. The second is ODA’s Clean Sweep pesticide disposal program. This is an opportunity for farmers to dispose of unwanted pesticides, household or non-farm pesticides will not be accepted. The closest location to drop off those unwanted farm pesticides is the Fulton County Extension office in Wauseon.

Finally, I have talked about things to plant in the garden many times this summer but what can we do to help the crop along? This has been a bad year for weeds. It is very important to control weeds in vegetable gardens since they compete with vegetables for sunlight, nutrients and water. They can also potentially harbor diseases and insects. It is a good idea to remove weeds before they go to seed. Otherwise, one weed plant can produce hundreds, if not thousands of seeds. Those weed seeds can turn into many plants in the years to come.

Watering of vegetable garden is also critical for the growth of vegetables, especially as dry as it has been. Watering should be done in the morning, preferably between 7-10 a.m. Only roots need to be watered. Soaker hose is a good way to deliver water to the roots. When leaves stay wet for a long time, fungal diseases can develop rapidly. Many gardeners water their vegetables in the evening since this is the time when they can do this

Our office is under a renovation for new carpet and paint so we will not quite be returning to normal after the fair for a week or two. By that time Farm Science Review will be around the corner in addition to the National Association for Ag Agents conference the second week of September.

Once again come out and take in the final day of the Henry County Fair and support the youth at the livestock sale. “You can never pay back, so you should always try to pay forward”, Longtime Ohio State football coach and legend, Woody Hayes. That what the county fair is all about. Have a great week.

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