From Across the Field – Wheat Harvest in Full Swing

From 7/4/18

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy yesterday’s holiday whether it have been around the grill or in the seat of the tractor or combine. It is harvest season 1.0 here in Henry county as wheat and some of the specialty crops, primarily green beans are being harvested off of farm fields.  From my observations it should be a pretty pleasing wheat harvest in terms of yield and quality. The five-year county average yield for winter wheat is about 77.5 bushels per acre and I suspect that there will be a fair number of fields at or above that average here in 2018. This is an opportune time to consider fire safety as it regards to the combine, as harvesting small grains tend to be when many of our combine fires occur. Be sure to have a working fire extinguisher on board, as only one spark could be potentially hazardous. Ag safety experts recommend dragging a chain with the real axle of the combine in order to maintain a proper grounding of the machine.

This recent heat wave serves as a good reminder to stay hydrated and utilize proper sun protection when working outdoors. Consider sun screen if exposure to sunlight is expected to be prolonged. Other safety measures to consider include wide brimmed hats and light colored, lightweight clothing to prevent burning and heat exhaustion. In the garden, now is the time to consider planting for fall crops. Under grow lights we can be starting brassicas such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. These crops will be ready to transplant into the garden in 6-8 weeks. Second planting of green beans, onions and potatoes can be direct seeded in the garden this week. Again in a couple of weeks consider direct seeding of beets, carrots, short maturing summer squash and cucumbers.

A couple of Extension programs to take note of in July, including a woodland wildlife workshop in Defiance county on the 12th and a timber selling workshop on the 26th in Williams county. Feel free to contact the Extension office for more detail regarding these programs in neighboring counties. We do have a state wide program in July as well, Ohio Sheep Day will take place on Saturday July 14th at the Eastern Ag Research Station near Caldwell. While it is a bit of a lengthy drive, the Sheep Team has a great program planned and there is no prettier a setting to talk livestock than at Eastern branch of OARDC. Another event taking place on the 26th is Paul Martin and Sons field day. This event is great for picking the minds of factory representatives and the staff of Paul Martin and Sons. The event will be held at 10635 County Road S, just north of Napoleon.

With combines and equipment out and about, remember to share the road and to be safe. I’ll end this week with a quote from Daniel J. Boorstin: “Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.” Have a great week.

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