Mandatory CERCLA Air Emissions Reporting Begins

From Ohio Ag Net

As a result of an earlier federal court decision, EPA issued a notice directing all livestock farms emitting more than 100 pounds of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide in a 24-hour period to report continuous air emissions under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

The reporting deadline is currently Nov. 15, 2017.

If you estimate your operation has greater than or equal to 100 pounds of ammonia emitted per day, then you must notify the National Response Center (NRC) by email at:

When reporting by email include the following information:

  • In the subject line include: Initial Continuous Release Notification
  • Name of the farm
  • Location of the farm – city/town and state – The NRC does not require personally identifiable information, such as an address for a private residence.
  • Amount of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide released (listed as greater than or equal to 100 pounds.
  • You can submit information for multiple farms in one email.

You will receive an automatic response e-mail from the NRC with a single identification number (CR-ERNS) for your farm(s). Include the CR-ERNS number on the follow-up written notification report (click here for form) that goes to your EPA Region 5 Office within 30 days. The single CR-ERNS number provided should be used for each farm included in the email.

It may take some time to receive the automated notice from the NRC so please be patient. Also, check your e-mail’s spam or junk folders before attempting to send your e-mail again.

Farms that signed up and participated in EPA’s Air Consent Agreements, which remain in compliance with those agreements and have not been expanded, are not expected to report their emissions now.

The following document has been provided to help navigate this process, and comply with the EPA requirements: NPPC Guidance.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the OPC office at 614-882-5887.


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