Using a Campus Resource

The campus resource I used was the “Let’s Talk” session CCS hosted at the Ohio Union on Thursday afternoons. “Let’s Talk” is an informal “counseling” session hosted at the Union every Thursday where students can talk to licensed mental health professionals that actually work at CCS in a 15-20 minute session. When I attended the session two weeks ago, I didn’t even remember that I would be able to use my visit to write this post, so I killed two birds with one stone without even realizing it! This is a kind of personal, and I’m doing better now, but when I went two weeks ago, I was having a very rough week. I had two big project for my two main design classes due and a midterm, and I felt like I didn’t have enough time or motivation to do anything. I was extremely stressed and just felt like crying because I was so overwhelmed. I knew I didn’t have the time to make an appointment at CCS for an official counseling service, and while on their website, I saw their “Let’s Talk” session and told myself to make the time for it that week before one of my classes.

I did not have to wait very long, maybe five minutes, since I got there right as they started seeing students at 2pm and was only the second person there. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve always struggled with some anxiety and depression, but I never reached out for help when I was feeling extremely stressed or unmotivated because I didn’t have resources that were readily available. Going to this resource, I was hoping to just talk openly with someone about how I was feeling and truly have them listen. I wasn’t really expecting advice or tips on how to handle my stress, I just wanted to tell someone how I was feeling without fear of how they would react. The counselor was extremely friendly and welcoming, and did exactly what I wanted her to: listen. She was very understanding gave me some helpful tips for managing stress and anxiety, while also making me aware of the other mental health resources CCS offers before giving me some words of encouragement. Overall, I had a very positive experience and would definitely go again in hopes for the same experience (since I hear CCS is inconsistent). 

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t even realize I was visiting a campus resource before looking at this assignment. I didn’t really know about many of the campus resources, really just about CCS. I think Ohio State is doing better about promoting good mental health for its students, so I felt like I was properly exposed to the idea of going to CCS. However, I wish they would advertise their events and services other than counseling, which I haven’t read the best reviews of. The good thing about going to the “Let’s Talk” workshop is that it was appointment-free and fits nicely into student schedules. As for more or different services I think OSU should offer, I’m not exactly sure what I would want to see since this is the first time I felt I needed to make use of one of the resources on campus. One thing I would like to see is more resources for commuters other than a lounge and kitchen area. Maybe some events or workshops for commuters to make the most of OSU, which they offer, but sparingly. 

Visiting the “Let’s Talk” session was very helpful and is definitely a resource I see myself using in the future.

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