Second Semester Update

This semester I started working with Dr. Andreas Chavez in his lab. Every week I would help prep specimens for his research. He is studying the genetic variability in the hybrid zones of squirrel species, and has more recently starting studying lime disease in these specimens. The squirrels are sent to museums or research labs to contribute to other scientists work.

Semester in Review

My first semester at OSU has really taught me a lot. I learned how to be independent and responsible. It was a little scary, since for the first time I had total control of my life and I got to choose how to use my time. I’m still working on finding out who I am and what I truly want to do, but now I have some good ideas and a lot of good resources I know I can use. It has been awesome being on such a big campus and still being able to make friends. At orientation I was told that 75% of my time would be free time, and I have no idea where they got that number from. It feels like I’ve been studying or sleeping nonstop for the past three months!

I’m excited to see where next semester takes me. Every week OSU has new awesome opportunities available for everyone. I’ve learned better ways to study and will be able to implement them in my new classes. I’m very proud to be a buckeye!

National Parks Tour!

Last summer I took the trip of a lifetime to several different national parks with my close friends and AP Bio teacher. We traveled to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons, and the Grand Canyon. We stayed a few days at each park, then drove to the next one. The views were breathtaking (and so were the hours of hiking). We went to a campsite in Grand Tetons that could only be reached by white water rafting to and from it. My AP Bio teacher taught us about each park and each ecosystem throughout the trip. This trip was what showed me that I wanted to major in ecology. It swayed what I wanted to do for my career, and helped me realize how much of an interest I had in ecology.


Global Awareness: I come from a very diverse high school, so I never had any problems adjusting to the diversity here at OSU. Diversity is very important because it allows us to have different ideas and perspectives about the world. Although, studying at OSU has allowed me to come into contact with many more different cultures than I had previously known about. I hope to study abroad sophomore year, but I will be going to New Zealand next summer!

Original Inquiry: Although I have had several experiences with research, I hope to further the amount I am involved in. I have worked with a team to publish a guide for the book “The Making of the Fittest”, a book about evolutionary genes. The guide was published and given to the teens that are stuck at Children’s hospital to test out. In the future, I hope to take an internship with the EPA and get a hands-on experience with them.

Academic Enrichment: I chose a major in Evolution and Ecology, and a minor in Geographic information sciences. I hope to work for the EPA one day, and a background in those subjects will prepare me for it. My GE courses are mainly chosen to get me to the amount of credit hours my major requires. I chose the minor I did because I wanted a background in computer science, and this class is computer science for the environment, so it worked perfectly for me.

Leadership Development: Most of my leadership skills comes from the jobs I have worked. I worked two jobs for a long time, and eventually became a shift lead. Managing coworkers taught me a lot of skills, like how to talk correctly to associates and how to be professional. This relates to my career goals because I hope to lead in whatever company I end up working for. Leadership has definitely helped me grow as a person and as a profesional.

Service Engagement: Service has always been a big part of my life, and is very important to me. I was in Girl Scouts until senior year where we constantly were doing service projects to help the community, such as serving at the Special Olympics, planting trees, christmas toy drives, and other volunteering around the county. I am signed up to be a Bunny socializer next month, which I am very excited about! I plan to look into FLOW in the future. Service truly helped me see through the eyes of the less fortunate, and showed me a helping hand can mean so much to someone.


Scholars Event: Interview with Dr. Mira Katz!

I listened to and interviewed Dr. Katz about her profession. She was very down to earth, but was very innovative and intelligent. She is currently working on a project that targets minority groups, such as African and amish communities, and helps educate them on the different cancers they may face. She has done several studies, some that include many OSU students, on how people respond to how information is given to them. The information she was concerned with was screenings for different cancers. I learned that cancer percentages were higher in minority groups because of how medical information is conveyed to them. It was very interesting to hear her explain that communicating differently to different communities truly makes all the difference. Some things you just don’t think about, and for me this interview was really an eye opener. It really shows that it doesn’t matter if you make the discovery of the year, if no one knows what you’re saying in your articles, no one will know or care about what you did.

About Me

My name is Cheyenne Helton, and I am a freshman studying Evolution and Ecology at OSU. I have lived happily in Columbus for the past 18 years. I’ve grown up visiting this campus several times for different events, so going to OSU was always my big plan. This big campus will without a doubt bring me big opportunities. My interest in science comes solely from the wonderful role models I had who pushed me in the right direction. My AP Biology teacher became a close friend who showed me how important the sciences were, and my uncle, who teaches at Oklahoma University, supported me in all of my academic endeavors.
I chose the scholars program because I wanted to be surrounded with like-minded people. I wanted a place where I felt like I could fit in. Since I live in Columbus, I do commute, so it’s hard to find a group of people that I can feel at home with. Scholars gives me a much needed home base that I can build off of. I also joined so I could be exposed to the opportunities that could further my education. I’m glad I joined it, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.