An important event to me was graduation. I ended high school with a 5.11 (4.0 unweighted) GPA as Salutatorian of my class. I’m very proud of this achievement because I worked hard to get the grades I got.  I took difficult classes and won 11 varsity letters in high school. Graduating 2nd in my class is something I will never forget and when I start to lose motivation, it reminds me that hard work pays off!


On October 4th, 2018, I attended an event hosted by Biological Sciences Scholars in Townshend Hall about the opioid crisis. The Opioid Research Panel had four professionals from Columbus who talked about their research. They discussed various aspects of addiction, from causes to treatments. I thought that the most interesting part was Dr. Huber’s flowchart of treatment presented by one of the professionals. He highlighted that research needed to be done to determine which steps of recovery are the most effective and use those ways. He had discovered that a lot of traditional parts of the recovery process were ineffective and unnecessary.

The opioid crisis is a big issue in Ohio today and I know people affected by it, so I’m very interested in ways to fix it. This panel exposed me to new ways of thinking about the crisis.

About Me

I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I plan to major in nursing and hope to become a nurse practitioner in the future. I graduated as the 2018 salutatorian of Findlay High School, in Findlay, OH.

In high school, I had the honor of being named a National Merit Finalist and I was named an Academic All-American swimmer by NISCA – the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association.
I also had success in athletics. I accumulated 11 varsity letters in cross country, swimming, and track and field. I was a two year captain of the cross country team and earned Honorable Mention All-TRAC in all three sports and Second Team All-TRAC in swimming.


I aim to complete my college education with G.O.A.L.S. In mind. Global awareness is an important part of a holistic person and I will work on my Global Awareness by minoring in Spanish. Original Inquiry is the second aspect of GOALS and I plan to achieve this by participating in research here on campus. The third part is Academic Enrichment, which means challenging yourself to learn as much as you can. I hope to do this by working diligently in school.

Leadership is the fourth aspect of Honors and Scholars and I while I haven’t found any ways to develop leadership in college yet, I did many leadership activities. The final part of GOALS is Service Engagement. There are thousands of ways to volunteer in Columbus, and I am excited to explore them so I can help others!