MedSchool Madness


Due to Ohio State University’s current guidelines regarding COVID-19, Med-School Madness 2021’s date and location are TBD. Thank you. We look forward to hosting this event again soon!

Med-School Madness was first held in 2008. This event is geared towards the University’s large pre-medical student population to provide them with invaluable insight into the long and often stressful process of preparing for and applying to medical school.

MedSchool Madness is held one evening in early April, in a low-key and relaxed environment. In each of the past two years, we’ve had a member of the OSU COM Admissions Committee speak, a MD-PhD student share her experiences, and a panel of medical students give their insight on how to succeed and overcome the challenges they’ve faced up to their respective year. These Q&A-style discussions are honest and open to finally get your questions answered. Helix also provides participants with dinner.

This event is open to all students: Information may be beneficial to students who have just decided to pursue medicine, who are studying for or have already taken the MCAT, who are getting ready to complete their AMCAS application, and even those who have already been accepted to medical school.