Trying Our Best Presents Tic Tac Toe!

Have you ever wanted to play tic tac toe but didn’t have a writing utensil or surface to write on?

Not to worry!

Trying Our Best has just released a new version of tic tac toe for the PROTEUS! Perfect for any FEH student at Ohio State with a passion for tic tac toe.

For only 5 installments of $40, you too can own your own PROTEUS to play tic tac toe anytime, anywhere. Play it at Scott! Play it at Hitchcock! Play it at that date party you got dragged along to! Tic tac toe is perfect to lighten any situation.

A tic tac toe PROTEUS is perfect for de-stressing before finals, and makes for a perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift for your family! Once you give your little brother a tic tac toe PROTEUS, he will know that you’re not only fun but also having fun as a FEH student at Ohio State (he doesn’t need to know the truth)!