Carmen Collections Conversations

Academic Event

March 3, 2020 in Hagerty Hall 045

This event gave a look into some of the history of Ohio State. There was a specific focus on internationalization here at OSU. I thought the presentation was very interesting, and I learned a lot of new things about Ohio State. One of the most interesting stories we heard was about the OSU 34, a story about members of the Black Student Union in 1968 standing up for black students’ rights. We also learned about student organizations that had the goal to bring together international students; some are still around today.

I was really happy I attended this event because as an International Affairs Scholars, I think it is important to learn about how international affairs has appeared in our local community. We also had a very good discussion after the presentations, and I gained a new perspective on what its like to an international student in a new country and at such a big university. Ultimately, I really feel that this event will remind me to keep learning about OSU’s history, and the history of my other communities and see how it connects to the world’s history.

Taste of OSU

Campus Event

February 21, 2020 at the Ohio Union

At the end of last month, I had a great time attending  the Taste of OSU event at the Union. I went with a group of students from my floor, and many were also IA Scholars. I was so excited for this event because I love food and learning about new cultures, and this event combined both of those things. Before I even attended the event everyone around me seemed to be raving about it, and were so excited. So, I knew it was something I couldn’t miss.

The event was certainly overwhelming with the many students in attendance and all the organizations giving out food. But, it was a good kind of overwhelming. We tried as many foods as we could and from as many different countries. We had food from Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, and probably others. It was all so amazing and delicious, and then there were the fantastic performances, which we watched for awhile. Looking back on the event, it certainly impacted me greatly. Not only did I get to try new foods and learn more about the cultures they came from, it will be a great memory from my first year at OSU.

Late Night Breakfast

Social Event

December 4th, 2019 in Smith-Steeb Lobby

The night before the first day of finals, I attended the Late Night Breakfast for IA, ACES and PSL. Breakfast food is my favorite, so to say I was excited for this event would be an understatement. It was a really nice way to begin my first finals week, and a great final event for my first semester in IA. While I was there I interacted with members of IA but also students in ACES and PSL. It was interesting to hear about their scholars program experience. 

This was a great event for practicing how to interact with others who may have different experiences than you, which is an important skill in international affairs. Obviously, we had a lot in common being Ohio State students, and for the most part all first-year students. And in the international affairs world, there may be a language barrier and cultural differences. Regardless, this event was a great way to just interact with others and share our experiences. This event was important for me because it helped me reach a personal goal, which is to get out of my shell a bit more and meet new people. So, it was a great casual event to get to do just that. 

Huck House

Service Event

February 8th, 2020 at Huckleberry House

This past Saturday, I went with a group of IA scholars to Huckleberry House. It is a center for kids in crisis; they offer them meals, a place to hang out, counseling, and a place to sleep if needed. When we arrived we were given a tour of the house. It was really interesting and amazing to see all that they offered, and it seemed like a place that anybody could make home, especially kids in need. They had a nice dining room and kitchen with a pantry where they could get food whenever they wanted. As well as a living room, a recreation room, and a quiet room with a piano. 

Our task was to help clean up around the house. We mostly cleaned the first level while the kids were waking up on the second level. While we weren’t there long, I could tell how important this place was for all the children that came there. And the few interactions I saw between the children and workers were all positive and they treated them like family. I think this relates to International Affairs because some of the issues these kids are facing are just like ones being faced by kids all over the world. Seeing the children facing these issues in our own country and city was a reminder that this isn’t the only place where children are facing similar issues. Everytime I volunteer somewhere I always leave feeling very impacted. I believe volunteering always leaves a positive impact because everytime I feel happy that I was able to give back and do something for somebody else. I left Huck House feeling not only this, but also feeling very hopeful; knowing that there were places like this one doing amazing work and helping others. 

CRIS Mural Painting Project

Service Event

October 26th, 2019 in Westerville, OH

For this event that supported CRIS, a group of us went to an elementary school in Westerville to help paint murals in the building. We were helping paint two murals; one was of a nice quote and the other was a tree that had paper leaves for students to take when in need. Half of the IA students helped some of the elementary school students to paint the murals, while other students and I helped with the making of the leaves. We cut out leaves in every color, and wrote positive words and quotes on them. It was fun to get creative for a little bit; it provided a nice break in the week.

This service project was a nice example of how a community comes together to do something special that benefits everyone. While at the school, we worked with one of the art teachers, students, and parents. They all offered something important to the work we were doing, and you could tell they all really cared about it. When we were making the leaves we were encouraged to write phrases in different languages, since there is a large student population that speaks another language. The children we were working with were very excited to write in other languages, and they told us about their friends that could speak other languages. It was very exciting to see how much they wanted to include the languages of all the students. I think that this kind of excitement to welcome and be kind to people from all over the world is an important sentiment we should, as IA students, be encouraging and supporting.


Double Dip into Latinx Culture

Social Event

October 25th, 2019 at Smith-Steeb

Near the end of last month, I attended a really fun event hosted by some of the RAs at Smith-Steeb, one of which was my own RA, Gabby. It was an event she was excited about and encouraged me to go to. I’m glad I did go because it was a great time. At the event they brought in Spanish food, which was amazing, and I tried some dishes that were new to me. Then, we learned a little bit about the background of the salsa dance and its origins before we learned how to salsa dance ourselves. I was pretty nervous about learning some dance moves since I’m a terrible dancer, but it ended up being really fun. This event, with all its dancing, definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. Despite being hesitant about it first, the event left a positive impact on me, and it was a great way to relax after a long week and connect with more people in my residence hall. 

From what my RA described about dancing in Latinx culture and the origins of salsa dancing, I could tell this was an important part of the culture. I think one of the most important things we can do as International Affairs scholars is to learn about other cultures, and connect with people from other cultures. Events, like this one, are helpful to do this. Not only do I think understanding other cultures is important for everyone to do, it is also a personal goal of mine. So, I was glad that I went to the event even though I was nervous because not only was it a great time but I learned plenty of new information and dance moves!

Indigenous People’s Day Celebration

Campus Event

October 14, 2019 at Sullivant Hall

This past Monday on Indigenous People’s Day I attended a celebration that included a presentation from a university professor who spoke about the history of indigenous people at Ohio State. There was also, on display, research from students on indigenous people in the Andes and Amazonia regions. I thought this event had strong connection to what we’ve been discussing in our international affairs seminar class. We discussed earlier in the semester about the importance of identity. The professor who spoke to us was an example of someone who had great pride in his identity as a member of a Native American tribe. He described to us a little a bit about his life as a part of this tribe, and throughout his talk made reference to some of their various traditions. Listening to what he had to say gave me greater insight into identity, and specifically how that relates to someone from an indigenous tribe.

I think this event specifically impacted my general knowledge of the history of Native Americans. We learned about the early history of these tribes only very briefly in high school and we talked a bit more about them during and after the years of colonization but not much more. So, hearing more about the history of indigenous people is always interesting to me, and incredibly informative. Also reading about the native people in Amazonia was very informative since that was another aspect of history that was never touched on in my history classes.

While this event might not have intersected with any of my professional goals, it certainly intersected with a personal goals of mine. I love history, and it has always been one of my favorite subjects. Whenever I get the chance to learn something new about the past, which is often, I love to capitalize on it. So, this event was a great way to keep working on that goal.

Party at the Wex

Social Event 

September 28, 2019 at the Wexner Center 

A few Saturdays ago, I attended the Party at the Wex event with a group of IA students. That evening at the Wexner Center they had pizza and Jenni’s ice cream, which I was unfortunately unable to get my hands on. We walked around the exhibits currently there, and they were fantastic. The exhibits included art from Ann Hamilton, Jenny Holzer and Maya Lin. My favorite artwork on display were the provocative essays of Jenny Holzer that were displayed and repeated across one of the walls. They were really interesting to read and made you think considerably. Although seeing the wonderful art on display was a great part of the night, the main event was the showing of the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise. I had never seen the movie, but I had always heard about the significance of the movie as a powerful, feminist film. As a proud supporter of feminism, I was very excited to finally see this movie. 

While it’s been hard for me to figure out the connections between international affairs and this film, I ultimately think the message of this film, one of female strength and empowerment, is something that is an issue around the world. Promoting women’s rights and empowering women is an important issue in international affairs. Also, the coming together of people to watch this movie and see this message reminds me of the importance of spreading messages by bringing others together, so that they can really connect. It’s not only important to spread a message, it’s important to bring people together and share perspectives. This helps build an understanding between people, and attending events, like this one, where people are coming together reminds me of that. I might’ve of struggled to relate this to IA, but it was certainly easy to relate it to my cinema class. We haven’t made it that far in cinema’s history yet we have seen just how much cinema has transformed and evolved. And it wasn’t just the technology that evolved, it was also the messages and themes. So, I expect that this film was one that helped further evolve the themes expressed in cinema. 

After seeing the movie, I left the Wexner Center feeling empowered, strong, and proud to be a woman. We’re so used to seeing men in films like this one where there’s moments of action and violence. I think we have improved and we are seeing more women in action films, and sometimes at the helm of them. Maybe it was because I knew it was one of the first of its kind that this film just felt different. Yet, the film wasn’t just about action and violence obviously, it had its heartfelt and dramatic moments. As someone who loves films that balances everything out for example with moments of sadness but also ones of happiness, I loved this film for that very reason. 

Like I said, I love film and I have always been interested in how they are made. I don’t necessarily intend to pursue a career in film, but I would love to work on spreading positive messages through mediums, such as film. Ultimately, seeing this movie not only was a great time, but it made me more sure that I want to do work where important messages, like female empowerment, are spread. I also not just want to spread messages, but I want to bring people together to connect and relate to them.

Student Wellness Center Presentation

Academic Event
August 27, 2019 at Mendenhall Lab from 7-8pm

At a presentation from the Student Wellness Center for IA, we learned about all the great resources they offer as well as how we can maintain our health during our time in college. I found this presentation to be incredibly helpful. It was great to hear more about what the Wellness Center offered, many of which I didn’t know about. This presentation was particularly related to my Human Biology course this semester. In the course, our professor mentioned that we would be looking in depth into not just what makes up the human body, but also how to keep a healthy body. So, I thought our conversation that night on what resources we have to do just that and to stay mentally healthy as well was really relevant. 

Near the end of the presentation, we were challenged to set a personal goal for ourselves using the SMART goal outline. Learning the SMART goal technique helped me in turning some of my own academic and personal goals into more specific and realistic ones. For example, one of my goals is to study abroad. Using the SMART model, I said specifically my goal was to meet with someone at the Office of International Affairs and that I would try to do that by the end of the semester. 

Overall, the presentation left a strong impact on me by showing me all that OSU has to offer to its students like finance counseling, wellness counseling, and even a food pantry. It also gave me good strategies on how to use these resources and how to set meaningful goals for myself. 

Community Commitment

Service Event

August 24, 2019 at the Ohio Union

On my first full Saturday here at Ohio State I was so excited to participate in Community Commitment. Participating in service projects and volunteering has always been an interest of mine, so this was the perfect way to start off my time here. I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t expecting a group so large gathered at the Ohio Union at 8 am on a Saturday morning. The sheer amount of students there, whether they were with groups or as individuals, was really amazing and left a deep impact on me. It made me so happy to see so many other students committed to helping others even for just a morning. 

Once the event got underway and we all went our separate ways, my group went to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, which they described as a Goodwill-style hardware store. The task they gave us was to break apart these wooden pallets with crowbars and sledgehammers. I’ll admit I was a little intimidated to use these tools since I had no experience with them. However, once we got started it all started to flow and I got the hang of it. My group began a routine of one of us using the crowbar to take the back slats of wood off then we would flip it over and we’d take the sledgehammers to the rest.

When our time there came to an end it was really fulfilling to see that the piles of pallets had gone down significantly. And despite being intimidated by these tools at first, the experience was quite therapeutic; giving us all a chance to get out any anger or worries resting upon us. The service we did and that many others did that day reminded me of IA because there are people everywhere in need of help. Whether it’s somewhere here or abroad, doing service work to benefit others and working together to get the work done is always a positive experience, and one of the most rewarding activities to do. I found this experience to be no different and I hope to do more service throughout my life.