G.O.A.L.S. Update

It would be foolish to assume that everything I intended to do worked out perfectly. Appropriately, these are my updated goals.

Global Awareness: I intend to study abroad in Thailand, or volunteer abroad, as I have already learned a great deal about systems in our culture. I wish to learn more about how this works in other countries. I do have many experiences in India, as I was born there and have visited numerous times. However, Europe, Africa, Eastern Asia, along with South America continue to evade my grasp and my understanding.

Original Inquiry: I will continue to work in the Riffe Building under my PI focusing on RubisCO research. My goal is to work on my own project, with the intention of going to the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and presenting there. I am also shadowing a cardiologist and neurologist, and hope to shadow an Infectious Disease Specialist soon.

Academic Enrichment: I will continue to push towards my goals, and will take rigorous coursework primarily in the Honors category to provide me with the maximum possible education I can achieve.

Leadership Development: My freshman year, I was in the AAA Leadership Development Program, and ran my own event with over 200 people known as Spring Olympics. I was in charge of organizing the event with the gym, obtaining supplies and trophies, renting the space, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly even when it did not.  This year, I am currently an AOSCH Chair on the Mirrors Sophomore Honorary, in addition to being Advocacy Co-Chair in the Asian American Association Executive Board. I wish to use these positions to influence the actions of these organizations and help them focus on the right path, as both roles possess great flexibility that allows for me to dictate where and what to do from this point on.

Service Engagement: I currently volunteer at the Rardin Free Clinic and James Cancer Hospital during the academic year, and at the Alzheimer’s Association during the summer, primarily working with data entry. In addition to this, I coach speech to children on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the summer, in addition to directly mentoring my novices in debate on the Speech and Debate Team.

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