Global Awareness: I intend to join Give volunteers, a group that works around the world to help people in difficult situations and stages of life receive resources to help overcome obstacles that they would be unable to face individually, including targeting regions in Tanzania, Laos, Nicaragua, and other examples.
Original Inquiry: I will attempt to email professors who desire researchers in their labs, and hope to become part of a meaningful research experience.
Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.
Leadership Development: In my future plans, I hope to join the Student Leadership Advocates Group, as it will allow me to broaden my horizons on what it means to be a leader and what I can do around campus to make a difference to other people.
Service Engagement: I plan on engaging in service by reaching out to various organizations and expressing my interest in helping a cause greater than I am.

My Summer 2016

This past summer (Summer 2016), I visited Niagara Falls with my grandmother, Maroon Bells in Colorado with my aunt and cousins, Salt Lake City for the Debate National Tournament, and Alaska and Canada with my parents and sister. I saw the Rocky Mountains from 3 different areas in the United States, and took so many pictures of wildlife and nature that I have hundreds of photos on my phone in a folder specifically called “nature pics”. I trekked through wilderness, ate sandwiches by lakes, and tripped over my fair share of rocks all around the US. Of my many pictures, this picture stands out. This is Maroon Bells, the 2nd-most photographed mountain in the world (after Everest). This picture, and all my nature pics, are indicative of my academic and personal interests. I’m a biology major, and the study of diversity, wildlife, and nature in general is at the focus of my education, both inside and outside the classroom. If I wasn’t so keen on becoming a doctor, I probably would become an environmentalist. If you sat down and tried to draw this, as I once amusingly did, you would fail miserably (unless you were actually an accomplished artist). Even then, your work would not compare to what is in front of you, as it physically exists to be touched, experienced, and admired. The point of this is that some of the most incredible things are meant to be experienced and fully known. We marvel at stalactite and stalagmite formation in caves, but far more intricate systems are at work inside our very body. These sort of wonders are not given justice even by pictures, and it’s from visiting this place that I realized how stark of a difference there is between seeing something and experiencing it. This was truly a summer to remember.

About Me








Former Debater. Current Buckeye. Future Doctor. I’m Prajwal Hegde, an OSU sophomore in Microbiology and a future medical professional. I’ve never been satisfied going to bed without all my questions answered, and that’s taken me places I never would have imagined. I currently assist in undergraduate research on RubisCO optimization at the Riffe Building, where I perform lab research in hopes of changing the way science is conducted.

I also volunteer at the Rardin Free Clinic, where we serve ordinary people with one catch: they’re well below the poverty line. I’m currently the Advocacy Co-Chair on the Asian American Association Executive Board, with the goal of bringing issues that Asian Americans and other minorities face not just to the main campus, but to those groups themselves who don’t realize they are subject to injustices. In addition, I also am one of two AOSCH Chairs for Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary, attending Honorary meetings and reporting back to Mirrors, while spending additional time volunteering at the James C. Cancer Hospital.

I spend hours connecting knowledge from multiple disciplines together in my spare time, as Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Statistics, and Physics have all been independent concepts in high school that I know are related. For example, did you know that resistors commonly used in circuitry (Physics) are meant to mimic neuronal synapses in the brain (Biology)? This is the basis for the field of neural networks, and ties those disciplines together in the hope of creating powerful AI that learns like we do and makes decisions as well. If you knew that, then did you know that slime molds (Biology) were used to design the rail system of Tokyo (Physics), or that ants (Biology) have figured out the shortest possible path between multiple different points (Traveling Salesman Problem, Mathematics)? These and countless more examples intrigue me, and delving deeper into such topics makes me happier than an app developer with downloads.

But don’t just assume that’s the only thing I enjoy.

I enjoy watching playoff hockey, baseball, and recently golf. I especially love basketball and tennis, with Lebron James and Roger Federer serving as my two favorite stars. I’ve been to several Cavs games, and I live just a mile away from the ATP Masters Event in Cincinnati, where I’ve been a ballboy for several years, watching Federer win the tournament 6 times. My dream is to watch Wimbledon (the biggest tennis event in sports) live. In addition to sports, I love watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. As of right now, nothing beats watching a Hayao Miyazaki movie (with subtitles, of course), listening to the Weeknd AND Yo-Yo Ma (an interesting dichotomy, I know), or rage-quitting (angrily walking away during/after a loss) in a Mario Kart race with my boys. Still, all of this pales in comparison to my love of science and my ultimate interest, medicine.

My desire to join a medical profession stems from the fact that so many members of my family and their friends suffer from various ailments that have hampered their ability to live a healthy life, with many of my dear ones passing away due to inadequacies in the system. This, however, doesn’t compare with the real tragedy: so many people are cut down in their youth due to treatable illnesses or wounds that they cannot get treatment for, and many of these people are brilliant and capable of becoming the “next big thing”. Growing up in privilege, I’m rather humble, as I never started at the same place that so many people do, and I’ve had opportunities that so many don’t.

That’s why I want to level the playing field, so that no kid or adult is deprived of the chance that they deserve. I want to become an Infectious Disease Specialist, and save lives with my expertise. But for now, that’s going to have to wait.

If you want to talk to me about this, or anything for that matter, feel free to reach out! I assure you that I am far more fun-loving than you think. You can find me around campus hanging out with my friends, engrossed in novels, pretending to shoot like Lebron, or playing tennis (or table tennis). Don’t be afraid to talk to me, because you can be sure I won’t be afraid to talk to you 🙂 Go Buckeyes, and I hope to see you around!