Student’s Ghana experience led to creating a development foundation


Hannah Bonacci is a graduate student with a big heart and an even bigger passion for sustainable solutions like health care and access to clean water.

Over the last four years, she has made multiple trips to Ghana to provide much needed aid resulting in the co-founding of The Akumanyi Foundation, which helps to fund development projects in Western Africa. Her heart for women and children in need has become a powerful instrument of change in Ghana.

Born in Akron, Bonacci attended Ohio State where she majored in social work. Now in her first year of graduate school, she is enrolled in both social work and public health master’s programs.

“I think through a system of different supports at Ohio State I found the confidence to take a risk and launch the foundation,” said Bonacci.


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Washing hands, not alcohol gel, prevents enterovirus


In recent years, alcohol-based antiviral rubs have become the go-to for hand hygiene and combating illness. With perfumed scents and cutesy carriers, they’re even considered chi-chi among trendy tweens.

However, an expert at The Ohio State University says that such rubs are no help against the recent outbreak of enterovirus EV-D68, which has sent children to hospitals in several Midwestern states.

Timothy F. Landers, assistant professor in the College of Nursing at The Ohio State University and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar, is a hand-hygiene researcher. He recommends washing hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds to help prevent the spread of this enterovirus.

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