The Uninsured



The uninsured rate for adults 18 and over in the United States is around 13.4%. This is a nearly 5% drop in uninsured rates since 2013, largely because of new health care reforms surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Although this sounds like progress, 13.4% still accounts for tens of millions of Americans.

Roughly 72% of full time employees are insured by their employer. That may seem like a large percentage, however, that leaves 28%  of full time employees uninsured. This number does not even account for those working part time, or those who are unemployed.

Uninsured people make up about 4.4% of medical bills in the country, or 17 billion dollars. People without insurance are also 40% more likely to die from sudden illness or injury in any given time period.

40% is a scary number.

It is insane that over 1 in 10 Americans lives with this statistic over their head. The most prevalent group of uninsured people are young adults ages 18 to 36. This age range encompasses the majority of college students, so it is incredibly important that we pay attention to who we are voting for, and if they advocate for issues that are important to us, and the population at large. After all, we never want to be voting against our own interest.