AAPA 2018

Illustration for the 2018 AAPA's 87th annual meeting in Austin, Texas

To celebrate another great year of academic endeavors, we would like to acknowledge all the paper and poster presented at 87th Meetings of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Austin, TX. Thank you all so much for your efforts! We are looking forward to what you are bringing to the table in the future!!!


  • Leigh Oldershaw, Mark Hubbe and Christina Torres-Rouff – “Tiwanaku affiliation and quality of life in Middle Horizon San Pedro de Atacama, Chile”
  • Brianne Herrera and Mark Hubbe – “Correspondence Between Cranial Morphological Regions and mtDNA in Western South America”
  • Melissa Clark and Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg – “A Third Molar from Rathfarnham, Dublin, and the Patterning Cascade Model”
  • Devon Reich and Melissa Clark – “Planting Perthes: Agriculture and Mechanical Loading in a Pre-Contact Female”
  • Skyler Jackim – “Bearing the Burden: Trauma During Agricultural Intensification in Pre-Contact Ohio”
  • Julianne Stamer, Kathryn Marklein and Mark Hubbe – “The Influence of Biology and Culture on Sexual Dimorphism in Carious Lesions in Pre-History”
  • Julie Anna Margolis and Kendra Ann Sirak – “The Impact of Tetracycline Presence on Endogenous DNA Yield in the Kulubnarti Nubians”
  • Mackie O’Hara et al. – “Accurately reconstructing crown heights of anterior teeth using micro-computed tomographic scans of fossil teeth”
  • Emma Lagan, Daniel E. Ehrlich and Sean M. Pesce – “Dentine Without Borders: An improved dental macrowear scoring method with cross- cultural application”
  • Mark Hubbe and Colleen Cheverko – “Extending the ‘Adaptive Landscape’ Metaphor to Bioarchaeological Theory and Practice”
  • Colleen Cheverko – “Growth, Childhood Stress, and Mortality Risk During the Late Period in Central California”



Check out the abstracts for the meetings in the official AAPA program here: http://physanth.org/documents/131/2018_AAPA_Abstract_Book_-_R3.pdf