Yuchun He’s Personal Profile

Personal Profile



I’m in Columbus at present. I live in an apartment near the OSU campus with three roommates. We are all Chinese and we often cook together. That’s interesting because we can have funny conversations when prepare the foods. My family is in Shenzhen, China now. There’re four people in my small family, including my parents, my younger brother and I. I can’t believe that my younger brother will attend high school next semester because my memory stops at when he was in primary school and we often fight with each other. I have lived on campus since high school so we haven’t spent much time together. It’s sad. I’m interested in watching Korean TV shows. They’re so funny and make me laugh.



I grew up in Shenzhen, China. I spent all my past time in Shenzhen, from when I was born to high school life. Shenzhen don’t have many traditional cultures as Beijing but I love the inclusive and diverse culture here. The climate is also cozy. Many Koreans live in a community near my home. I enjoy the authentic Korean food there. One of the interesting experiences I’ve had is that I went bungee jumping in Macau, China. I was scared to death when waiting for my turn but it’s extremely exciting after you jump down from the building. That was the first time I went bungee jumping and that wouldn’t be the last.



Before I applied to colleges, I searched for a lot of information about each school. Ohio State University is the best one in general. It’s well-known for its good quality of education. I want to study arts management major and the OSU has this major which is the main reason I came here. Besides, the campus of OSU is rather big and beautiful. I enjoy the scenery and buildings at OSU. I plan to minor in art history. With the knowledge of art history and arts management, I can have an advantage when I find jobs. I want to find a job in a gallery or art museum as a curator or manager.