Belize swidden research

NSF CAREER: Analyzing the Emergence of a Complex Swidden Management System in the Toledo District, Belize (NSF#1818597, NSF#1553875)


The goal of this project is to advance our understanding of the dynamics and emergence of coupled human and natural systems through a multi-year study of the swidden agriculture of Q’eqchi’ Maya farmers in southern Belize. The project analyzes the ecological effects of swidden from the perspective of landscape ecology, social networks, and common pool resources using information from southern Belize including forest plots, social networks, and experimental data.

Indonesian Language and Genetics

The lab participates in a long-term collaboration with Stephen J. Lansing, Murray Cox, Peter Norquest (and many others) related to ongoing analyses of the language and genetics of Indonesian. The primary contribution of the lab relates to the application of computational methods (alineR, see Software) for analyzing historical linguistic data (Swadesh word lists).


Past Projects

A multi-scale integrated approach to historical linguistic and demographic reconstruction in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (2010-2014; NSF#1030031: $199,782)

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Socio-ecological analysis and modeling of Q’eqchi’ Maya Milpa Agriculture in Toledo District, Belize (2007-2009; NSF#0647832; $15,000)