Year in Review

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One of my favorite aspects of being in the honors college is how important our G.O.A.L.S are. I believe them to be one of the most important things we can do as students.

G stands for global awareness, and is one of the goals I am most excited to do. For global awareness, I plan to do an education abroad program in Israel. This program would take place during winter break of my second, or possibly third year. While in Israel, I would be studying the similarities and differences between education in the United States compared to Israel, specifically in early childhood education. Along with studying the schools there, I would get  first hand look at the culture, languages used, and relationships formed. This is important to me because helping others in an essential  part of what I want to do with my life. I believe going to Israel would allow this to be possible and even strengthen my chances of helping others. I also feel this experience would make me a more well rounded teacher. This is very important to me. I want to be inclusive and completely non-bias. Being able to go on this trip will allow me to be around a difference culture and overall strengthen my abilities to work with others, no matter the differences.

O stands for original inquiry, and happens to be one of the goals that I am still very unsure about. Being apart of honors, I would love to graduate with honors research distinction, this would require some original question or hypothesis. I know I would like to look into early childhood education more and how teaching in different styles helps children learn, but I am not positive the question I would like to research. I would like to focus on early childhood education, and just children in general, because that is where my passion lies. By studying young children in education some way, I believe I could aid in, hopefully, finding ways to make teaching children more effective. This research opportunity also strengthens me as a teacher.

A stands for academic enrichment and is my initial reason for yearning to be in the honors program. I have always wanted to push myself and honors was the perfect way to do this. I take more difficult courses which strengthens my learning capability. Aside from taking honors courses, I plan to continue to take every advantage given to e to learn more outside of the classroom. This includes, while I am in an early childhood education classroom, working with children. As I am doing my field placements and student teaching, one of my goals is to pay attention to the things that are going on around me so I can learn to be a better teacher, for the children. I will also take this as an opportunity to learn more about children and the way they operate. While these are all crucial ways I will enrich my knowledge and learning, I do not believe learning ends once you are done with school. Learning occurs all throughout life, as long as you are willing to learn. I will keep an open mind and listen to other opinions and ideas to further my learning even when I am out of college.

L stands for leadership development. Leadership is something I was very strong in, in high school, but have found myself lacking in, in college. My understanding of leadership is also still changing. I used to believe it meant you had to be in charge of something, now I realize even helping and guiding one person is a form of leadership. One way I would love to increase my involvement with leadership is to become a tutor for math 1125 and math 1126. I would love to do this because, I currently love math 1125 and have a pretty good understanding of it. By being a tutor, I would be able to assist others who may be struggling and help guide them to understanding. My thought process, is even if I am only able to help one person, I will feel I served my purpose as a leader.

S stands for service engagement, which I believe to be one of the most helpful ways to impact others. I have so many ambitions for service involvement. One thing I am looking into doing is joining different clubs on Ohio States campus. One that really sticks out to me is one called “A Kid Again.” I would love to join this club starting next semester. The club is dedicated to helping children who are in the hospital keep positive hopes up. Being apart of this would make me feel like I was actually making a difference in someone’s life. Another thing that I regularly do, is participate in is adopting a family during Christmas. During this time, I get to give families an opportunity to have the Christmas they deserve despite other circumstances.


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Honors Thesis Review 


I chose to analyze a thesis on dogs and how they recognize, or do not recognize, humans facial expressions with corresponding voices. This includes facial expressions that to not relate to voiced. For example, a person with a happy facial explanation, that sounded like they were crying. I studied this thesis immensely, to get a full understanding of the situation and outcomes. In my review, I explored what the author studied and how I would change or alter the study. I commented on the studies outcomes, and how they could be more accurate and further studied. I also touched on the few flaws I found in the thesis and study that I believe would eliminate error and allow for more accuracy. This is important to me for many reasons. I chose to look at a review on dogs and how they recognize facial expression because I strongly believe in service animals. I believe the relationship between human emotion and facial expression is a key factor in training service animals and if this were studied further, I believe it could greatly impact what already exists with service animals. I also will do my own thesis starting hopefully at the start my my junior year. By reviewing this thesis, I am able to learn from others to prepare myself for my own thesis. I am also able to see what to expect, going into my research. This way, I will be even more prepared, and hopefully experience little mistakes in m ow research.




About Me

Hello! My name is Silvera Hayes. I attend the Ohio State University. Currently, I am a freshman and I am involved in the honors college here at Ohio State. I have a passion for helping people, especially children, which is why I intend to major in early childhood education. I would love to work in a kindergarten classroom in an urban school district somewhere. While that would be my first choice, I would be thrilled to be able to work with any grade level, in any area. As long as I am finding a way to impact children, I will be happy. My ambition to make a change and my passion to help others, are the guiding principles in my life. I do everything to my fullest potential and always try to make whatever it is that I am doing, mean something, whether it is seemingly insignificant or extremely important.