Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars Program Movie Pillar Project

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The culmination of the Advocates for Communities and Education Scholars Program (ACES) survey class first semester was a project that required me and two other group members to watch a documentary and identify how each of the ACES Pillars (positive social change, advocacy, community, and service) appear in the movie. In order to fulfill the requirements of the project, it was necessary that we be collaborative. Because of this, we got together two times to work on the project. The first time we got together was to watch the movie and take notes in addition to discussing it. The second meeting was the meeting during which we were able to finish our presentation, as well as rehearse it. Completing this project allowed me to see real-life examples of the ACES Pillars, which makes it easier to find examples of the pillars in my own life. Moving forward, I’ll be able to dissect social issues that are presented to me and look at what needs to be done in order to ensure that somebody who looks at the issue years after I work on it will be able to identify those same ACES Pillars.

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