Volunteering at Healthy Community Day

Meeting Brutus at Healthy Community Day

I worked for a four-hour shift at Ohio State’s Healthy Community Day 2018. After being assigned to work in the children’s activity area, the other volunteers and I helped organize the people who were working in the activity area, like the clowns who made balloon animals and the face painters. Once people started arriving, we directed the flow of foot traffic through the activity area and made sure that the lines for activities moved quickly. After spending time on the concourse, two of us were asked to go to the main floor and direct people to the screenings on the concourse. Directing people to screenings helped make sure that people were utilizing the free resources available to him and potentially helped people catch health issues before they became life-threatening. After our volunteer shift, a¬†fellow volunteer and I ran into Brutus and took a picture with him to celebrate the contribution we made to the improvement¬†of public health.



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