Sophomore Year in Review

To develop and enhance my global awareness, I have taken on a broader perspective with respect to my major, Earth Sciences. I know that may sound odd, “broad-Earth Sciences,” and by that I mean I have taken the time to study under professors from other countries and work with students who have studied abroad. I have focused on learning the intricacies and details of how my work can carry over to other countries, and how I would go about initiating such research. Additionally, I will be traveling to Utah this summer to complete Ohio State’s Field Camp. It serves as a culmination of many major classes, and helps to develop global understanding of complex processes.

The upper-level major courses I have taken; Mineralogy, Petrology, Structural Geology, have really allowed me to grasp the level of research and creative process when it comes to the Earth Sciences. The courses have required me to create my own research poster from scratch, in addition to leading me towards my coming research in the fall. In the next semester I will begin researching under one of the several Geophysicists in the School of Earth Sciences.

My Honors Contract demonstrates a commitment to the goal of Academic Enrichment in that it allows me to pursue my interests (Classics and Art History) while maintaining challenging and Honors-quality courses. Classical literature, arts, and civilizations have been a passion of mine, but sadly do not come up very often in the typical Structure discussion on reclined folding of strata. The Honors Contract allows me to keep taking stimulating Classics courses, and to keep considering a minor in it, all while moving towards graduation and not falling behind my target graduation term, spring of 2020.

I am an active member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the Earth Sciences Honorary here at Ohio State. I help set up and participate in weekly to monthly volunteer opportunities, meetings, fundraisers, etc. It has allowed me to expand my overall peer-group within my major, make connections with faculty, learn more about the School of Earth Sciences as a whole, and I now plan on pursuing a leadership position on the SGE Executive Board next spring. My involvement in SGE relates directly to my major and my career, as the organization regularly hosts panels and discussions with past graduates and professors; providing networking opportunities and a wealth of advice.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a service and education driven organization. Meaning that, if we are not educating prospective students or hosting panels, the group is working at a volunteer event. This spring, SGE worked College Mentors for Kids; teaching middle school students about the water cycle, rock cycle, fossils, etc, took part in Clean Up Columbus; cleaning up trash and recyclables from the streets surrounding OSU’s campus, spent weekends painting and cleaning up the poster display cases in Mendenhall Lab, the building which houses the School of Earth Sciences, and hosts weekly Coffee Hour, a continuous fundraiser that goes towards scholarships for SGE members who are going to Ohio State’s Field Camp in Ephraim, Utah this summer.