The Trip Begins

Today is the day I begin my summer long experience in San Jose, California. As I narrowly got past TSA security after accidentally bringing an prohibited tool that I forgot was in my backpack, I headed to my terminal to get on my first flight for the day. Note to travellers: Don’t forget to double check bags that you think are empty before packing stuff into them. Security doesn’t like it when you tell them you don’t have a sharp object and then they find one! Honest mistake on my part.

Flying out of Dayton, OH means you are pretty much bound to get placed on a small plane. I never expect a large plane when flying domestically but I keep looking forward to the day I can experience flying in a Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. Here’s some photos from my flight so far.

30,000 ft up!

Lake Michigan

I’m now in Saint Paul with a large amount of wait ahead of me. Sadly, my flights were modified after purchasing my tickets which introduced a 5 hour gap between one connection and added an addition flight that I have only 40 minutes to catch. I’m however not stressing over the flights since I know I’ll be in California within 24 hours regardless of a missed connection. This airport is also pretty nice which makes the wait more bearable. It’s pretty large, has plenty of food options, and even has a small/medium sized mall! If you have to wait a while to catch another flight, this isn’t a bad airport to be stuck at.


All I can say now is the trip has started off well. I’m looking forward to continuing the adventure, learning new and exciting things from my internship, and exploring all that there is to offer out in California!