Where We Go From Here

Let the summer begin!

After yet another busy and rewarding semester of taking classes, working with Buckeye Current (check it out!) to build an electric race motorcycle, becoming a part of the Engineering Ambassadors program, and planning for all the exciting things to come in the next three months, I’m finally ready to start revealing what’s to come.

To start, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to travel out to San Jose, California to work for Cisco Systems as a software engineer. For the next three months I will be not only working but also exploring the surrounding areas and bringing you all along for the ride. I plan on writing posts and uploading pictures as often as I can to detail all the new experiences I have while out in California.

On top of my efforts to explore and make full use of my time in California, I will be talking about some of the projects I have done in the past and some of the projects I’m hoping to start in the near future. I have made a separate page solely for my projects. Check it out and leave some feedback!

While this is all I have for now, it is only the beginning. Check out some of my other pages until May 17th arrives and this blog goes into full swing!