Welcome to the official Brick Breaker website! Brick Breaker, created by Kevin Uth and Colin Jordan, and inspired by the arcade classic ‘Breakout’, is now coming to the OSU Proteus!

First, you will need access to the newest, hottest, and, truthfully, inspiring  product to break into the video game industry – the OSU Proteus. Get yours soon; they are the most popular item on the market this Holiday season! Have a small child that you want to spend more time inside? Is he too energetic? Well, give him this gift for Christmas and he will be so exhausted from debugging code all day that he won’t get into trouble outside anymore! And Brick Breaker is the perfect gift to go with the Proteus!

What Functions Does Brick Breaker Have?

Brick Breaker has some revolutionary game concepts; break bricks, get high scores, learn how to play the game, and improve reaction time and fine motor skills!

Breaking Bricks

Breaking bricks calms nerves, reduces anxiety, and is 100% fun! Move the a paddle side to side to bounce a ball into the air! Watch as the physics engine creates realistic ball movement when it the ball hits objects! Tired of having to learn multiple levels in a game? Don’t worry about that with Brick Breaker; its one-level design encourages mastery over the game, and it’s repetitive, addictive nature will have you coming  back for more. Looking for an extra challenge? Play the game for long enough and the ball will be moving so quickly, it’s practically impossible!

Get the New High Score

Want to become popular? Like bragging to your friends? With the high score system, you can show your friends how much better you are at the game than they are!

Still Confused on How to Play?

Not to worry; the instruction manual included with every copy of the game perfectly explains how to get that new high score! Use its knowledge to master the basics and understand the core concept of the game. Learn how to move the paddle side to side. Learn how to prevent the ball from going past the paddle. If you’re still confused after reading this immersive guide, you should probably consult with your doctor to see if playing games is right for you*. **

Want to find out more about the creators behind the masterpiece?

Our Credits screen introduces ourselves, the creative geniuses behind Brick Breaker, as well as the inspiration, help, and guidance from our peers and teachers that went into making the game. Huge thanks to Dr. Harper, Gabriella, and Becca. You guys are awesome.



*IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY – DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME – TRUST US ON THIS. Due to technical limitations of the Proteus, flashing the screen to change positions of objects is mandatory.